We’re In The Press!

It was lovely to see the article about The Craft Studio in The Nottingham Evening Post on Saturday. I wasn’t expecting it to take up two pages so it was a welcome surprise . After the photographer had paid me a visit last week, I posted on our Facebook page that I didn’t think I could ever be comfortable with a lens that close to my face without being able to press delete afterwards! However, I’m pleased to say that it was a small price to pay for the great coverage.[divider_padding]

The press release was organised with the help of a local PR company that have been helping to promote Derby Rd.  I’m hoping this will have an impact  and encourage other small businesses to ‘ make the move’ .[divider_padding]

Since the move to the new premises, we have also been graced with the presence of BBC East Midlands news presenter,  Kylie Pentelow, who,  after watching The Great British Sewing Bee,  felt inspired to get her sewing machine out of the ‘ unopened’  box.[divider_padding]

Due to her busy work schedule,  she joined me for some private tuition and left with not only understanding her machine, but with a little lined purse too!  She was great company and we chatted about her intended projects, which included curtains and cushions,  as part of the restoration of her 1970’s Carlight caravan.[divider_padding]

Prior to Kylies visit,  our workshops were also featured in Making magazine,  which is described as the  UK’s first-ever modern craft magazine for the home![divider_padding]

So,  Its been a great start to The Craft Studio’s new journey. It’s lovely that people can now pop in to ask about workshops and that the hustle and bustle of our classes can be seen from our shop window. I read recently that since The Great British Sewing Bee and compared with the same time last year,  sales of sewing machines are up by nearly 60 per cent, sewing patterns by 64 per cent and cotton fabrics are up by a whopping 170 per cent.[divider_padding]

I have also made some exciting decisions about the future of  The Craft Studio shop,  so watch this space and long live the reign of creativity!

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