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Well, it has taken a few months, and although the shop officially opened in March, I think it has really come together in the last few weeks and I have had lots of lovely feedback from passers by and students attending the classes.[divider_padding]

I visited The British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate this April. I wanted to sell a small range of products that couldn’t be found on the high street and help support other small UK craft businesses in the process of building mine. It was a great afternoon and I met some of my current stockists there.[divider_padding]

The BCTF has been promoting British handmade gift ware for more than 35 years. I managed to have a sneak preview last year before I had even considered opening a shop. I went along to assist my friend who was exhibiting there for the first time. The atmosphere was great and we met some really nice and extremely talented people. It was strange going back as a buyer just one year later. Funny how things can change![divider_padding]

All in all, I think I have created a welcoming  little shop space, with a mix of fabric and unusual buttons, craft books, handmade accessories and gift ware  I have noticed that having  a small amount of everything seems to encourage people to make a spontaneous purchase. I would describe it as a place where ” There is little you really need, but everything you really want”[divider_padding]

Someone recently described the shop as having a ‘ Boutique’ style which I thought was really fitting for the Derby Rd location.[divider_padding]

So why not venture a little further than the hustle and bustle of the city centre and come and say hello, where a warm welcome and a just boiled kettle awaits![divider_padding]

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2 thoughts on “Shop At The Craft Studio

  1. Dear Clare,

    Congratulations ! You’ve done it and the centre looks lovely.I’m looking forward to attending a session in the new premises this summer.

    Best wishes

    Tina from France

  2. What a little gem ! Like so many dressmakers in Nottingham , I’m desperate to find a local stockist of good quality materials at a reasonable price. Found a lovely cotton to make a dress – there was a lovely selection. Claire plans to widen her stock of materials so dressmakers out there – there is hope !! Look in on friendly Claire who is NOT just for crafters!!

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