Make A Garment In Just 2 Days!

Are you someone who can never find any clothes to fit or are unable to find a colour and style that suits you?  Are you a parent that longs to discover  how to create fun and stylish outfits for your children? If so, then help is on hand!


Based on the great reviews we received from our previous Dress Making Course ,  we  have decided to offer the 5 week course equivalent over two full days.  We think this is a great idea for those who cannot commit to evenings and it’s great that this version of the 5 week Sewing For Fun is already full, it means we are on the right track!


Over the 2 days,  you will learn about seams, hems, zips, button holes and how to understand a pattern, and by the by the end of the second day,  we will help you feel like a fulfilled fashionista! and don’t forget , our 5 Week Dress Making has a new April start date ( Tues 16th) so there are even more reasons to get making this Spring time!



This is what Tina had to say…


I’m still amazed that I actually made a dress! A whole dress! I went from being nervous about pressing the foot pedal bit of the machine to confidently whizzing down seams.  Although I made a dress, the basic principles I learnt have given me the skills to now make a skirt or even a blouse. Di, the lady who taught the course is not just an amazing teacher but a warm & lovely person too. The course was worth every penny!



So if you are free on Saturday 13th and Saturday 20th April,  book your place, grab your fabric and we’ll see you there!


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